Design Background Elite Blue

How to get Background Elite Blue design templates is very easy and this design is one type of design that is quite popular.

Using a simple and simple classy background can bring visual interest to your work. The ever-growing variety of backgrounds for your designs seems almost endless. You can use a background to complement your design.

Benefits of Background Elite Blue

With this Background Elite Blue file it will be a support in every of your promotional activities besides saving expenses for the company economy, labor or other resources.


This Background Elite Blue design is the result of a selection of good designs, we are sure that each design makes you like it.

The things that need to be considered in the Background Elite Blue design

Make sure your device complies with the Background Elite Blue specifications, don't let you open the Vector file in the Bitmap software or vice versa.

If you want to print, make sure you check the work area on this Background Elite Blue Design, this is to avoid mistakes during printing.

Design format is vector with software support Ai, Inscape, CorelDraw, etc. but I recommend using AI software because the software's broad capabilities are very easy to modify the Background Elite Blue design, besides that the export options have many choices.

User Recommendations

This Background Elite Blue design template file is in a highly recommended format for designers / freelancers / printers / YouTubers, etc. For those who are already able to use vector-shaped software, it is very easy for them in the Background Elite Blue Templates stage of design such as layout settings, image positions, text editing, color combinations and combination settings.
How to use Background Elite Blue design templates
To outline each design particle, you can use the pen tool adjusted as desired, for editing it is quite easy by drag and drop according to the desired location, don't forget to adjust the back-front image position because this will affect the next image settings.
for more complete information, pay attention to the following ways:

How to Modify Background Elite Blue an EPS Vector File

The Encapsulated PostScript file format stores images and page layouts. EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files format can contain both bitmaps and vectors, but only the vector images can be resized and modified without a loss of quality. 

The high quality and small size of the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file makes it ideal for sharing logos and other images related to your business that have to retain their quality when enlarged. To modify an EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector file, you need a vector-editing program Like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Inscape. Windows does not include a native vector-editing program, but there are trial versions available for free online.

1. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite

Launch CorelDRAW by double-clicking the icon on your desktop or selecting it from the Start menu. If you do not have CorelDRAW installed on your computer, download a trial version (link in Resources).

  • Click "File" and "Open," then navigate to the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector file Background Elite Blue to modify and click "Open."
  • Use the tools on the left side of the screen to make modifications, like changing the size, shape and color of the image.
  • Click "File" and "Save" to commit the changes to the original file Background Elite Blue, or "File" and "Save As" to store your changes in a new file.

2. Adobe Illustrator

Launch Adobe Illustrator by double-clicking the icon on your desktop or selecting it from the Start menu. If you do not have Illustrator installed on your computer, download a trial version (link in Resources).

  • Click "File" and "Open," then navigate to the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector file Background Elite Blue to modify and click "Open."
  • Click the "Selection" tool on the toolbar, then click on the vector image. This highlights the anchor points and paths of the image. Use the Pen tool, bounding box and color palette to modify the size, shape and color of the image to your liking.
  • Click "File" and "Save" to commit the changes to the original file Background Elite Blue, or "File" and "Save As" to store your changes in a new file.

3. Inkscape

Download Ghostscript (link in Resources). Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Select "Ghostscript" as the name of the installation folder.

  • Click "Start" and right-click "Computer." Click "Properties" from the context menu that appears, then click "Advanced system settings."
  • Click "Environment Variables" and scroll down to "Path," listed under "System Variables."
  • Click "Path" to highlight it, then click "Edit" to modify the value. Enter the following into the text box next to "Variable Value":
  • c:\Ghostscript\lib ; c:\Ghostscript\bin
  • Click "OK" to close the edit window, then click "OK" again to close the Environment Variables window. Click "OK" to close the System Properties window, then launch Inkscape. If you do not have Inkscape installed on you computer, a free version is available online (link in Resources).
  • Click "File" from the menu bar and "Import" from the list of options. Select the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector file Background Elite Blue to modify and click "Open."
  • Click and drag the slider on the "Import Settings" from "rough" to "very fine," then click "OK."
  • Right-click on the image and click "Ungroup" from the options to separate the different objects in the image. Use the tools in the toolbox window to modify the image to your liking.
  • Click "File" and "Save" to commit the changes to the original file Background Elite Blue, or click "File" and "Save As" to save the modified image as a new EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) file.

How to edit a PSD format or Photoshop file?

The PSD format is a type of product from Adobe called Photoshop which is commonly used to edit bitmap format images, but for high quality Photoshop can also create vector-shaped but pixel-shaped images.

There are many tutorials and learning material that you can find about PSD edition in the Internet and also in the Adobe website, that will give you access to a detailed information about the multiple features you can create when working with a PSD resource.

for the editing stage we recommend the original and original default software, in order to avoid the legality of any work you make and also respect the software company.

How to edit a JPG

A bitmap image is a data file Background Elite Blue, made up of a pixel grid or color dots. You can reduce the size without losing quality, however you will lose some quality if you increase the size of the image Background Elite Blue

To edit this kind of resources, you will need an edition software like Adobe Photoshop (PSD), but there are plenty of online edition software that you can use to manipulate Background Elite Blue a JPG file.

How to edit a the fonts or text in Background Elite Blue?

When you download an image that has text on Background Elite Blue, there are 2 type Text Editing: 

1. Editable text

  • when opening Background Elite Blue, you find that the text can be edited, but the program does not recognized the font and replaces it by a default one from the software you are using.
  • This is because fonts are separate files that do not belong to Kaina Studios, therefore these cannot be included in the zip folder provided with the download.
  • If the resource has been created by our Team of Designers at Kaina Studios, there will be a TXT file in the zip folder called “Fonts”, with the name of the fonts that have been used on the design and the links where these can be downloaded for free.
  • If you cannot find this TXT file, do not worry, since the edition software will show you a message where the name of the fonts are also provided. So you just need to copy the name and search where these can be downloaded. You can find many free fonts in website.

2. Flattened text:

  • Some of our resources will have the text flattened, meaning it's been converted to a shape and the software cannot recognize them as fonts. For text Edit, it is not possible to edit the text as a font, you need to remove the Background Elite Blue text next enter your own text and use text tool or click (T) as shortcut on your keyboard.
  • When the text is flattened, we do not have a way  to identify the font used, however, please note that there are some apps and websites that can help with this, like Font Squirrel.

for the final stage, you can use Photoshop software as a finishing such as making mockups, coloring, lighting or 3D views.

Tutorial on getting Background Elite Blue

1. Click the button next to Demo. After clicking, the browser will open a new tab, wait a few seconds, then click on the column "I'm not a robot" if there is a stamp, please fill in. If the captcha checklist box has a green tick, it means successful. then click "Click here to download".

2. Once clicked there will be a new browser tab open automatically. You just return to the previous browser tab to go to the actual download link by clicking "Get Link".

3. After doing the method above, you can easily get Background Elite Blue files both stored on Google Drive and on other storage media.


All forms of license are personal, not for sale or trade, downloading means being responsible for the design you download.

Background Elite Blue design Summary Templates

File Type:EPS
File Size:1 MB
Devoloper Download: Gdrive File


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